The working group Traceability of plant productions



Farmers, collectors, technical institutes, chambers of agriculture, Software Companies, Ministry of Agriculture.


Implementing the XML Message UNCEFACT eDAPLOS that describes the flow of technical data exchanges for crops between a farm and a business partner.

These specifications are:

- Data on crop traceability procedures performed by the farmer and sent to one or more econmic partner(s) . E.g. list of cultures
- Predictive data on cultivation practices provided by the farmer and sent to one or more economic partner(s). E.g. forecasting manure notebook.
- The information related to advice / recommendation forwarded to the farmer by his or her economic partner(s) 

The standardized message eDAPLOS was published in 2008 by the UN / CEFACT.
In 2010, the working group decided to update the user guide of the message eDAPLOS to meet the new requirements for traceability.
This message eDAPLOS can be adapted to all plant sectors.