Agro EDI Europe aims to make available to its members slices of location numbers codes and centralize.

Principle for codification

Code 13 positions decomposed as follows:

-         Prefix on 3 positions : 999 – meaning that it is a AEE code 

-         Enterprise code (constructed from n ° SIREN of the company) : 6 to 8 positions

-         Internal code from 1 to 3 positions to identify 1 to 1000 place-function of the company.

-         A control key position 1

Slices codes (10, 100, 1000) will be allocated to each participating company member to AEE which will request using the form attached. It will be connected to SIREN headquarters.

Agro EDI Europe will manage these codes by proposing a dedicated database accessible via the extranet

LN code changes:

-         If you change the owner or company

-         If you change address

-         If we change n ° SIREN


The application from to obtain your codes is only available in french version.

Please feel free to contact Gaelle Cheruy  for more information