Presentation of the association

About us

AGRO EDI EUROPE association was created in 1992, by COOP de France (ex French CFCA confederation of agricultural Cooperatives), IN VIVO (ex UNCAA-UNION of Agro furniture and Supply Cooperatives) and ANR (National Association of Revision). This association financed by their member contributions, aims to gather all economic actors of the food processing industry whether it is already structured industries, individual companies or organizations interested in developing EDI in the upstream of the agro food chain.


AGRO EDI EUROPE fields of action go from agricultural supplying to food processing, in connection with related services and administration.


To support the evolution and standardize the different types of electronic exchange, Agro EDI Europe ensures the creation and the maintenance of standardized and normalized electronic messages for teh agricultural sector. In a workd that is changing ever more, we have to ensure that systems of data exchanges them. Agro EDI Europe answers to this need of security and coherence through its works and actions.

The development of digital projects associated to the increasing use of standards in data exchange offer competitive advantages to all levels of the agricultural supply chain. The use of standards guarantees the interoperability and fluidity of exchanges between all the stakeholders. This way, standards contribute to constantly improve productivity as well as competitivness of companies, notably for exports.

The adoption of Electronic Data Exchange constitutes a real lever of competitivness for all the stakeholders. Agro EDI Europe supports its member from the analysis appraoch to the constitution of the implementation guidelines.

coordination of works: one sector, one standard

In a fast-growing world, it is important to make sure that EDI exchange systems in agricultural and food sectors are and stay compatible with each others. With her work, AGRO EDI EUROPE will meet this need for security and coherence.

AGRO EDI EUROPE participates to the adaptation and the evolution of existing standardized messages (invoice, orders, desptach advice…). Working groups take part in new messages developement, adapted to food industries needs, in close connection with standardization organizations. Sectoral rules of use, codification & legal aspects are also studied in their food applications.

Our works

- Guidelines for edi messages adapted to the agricultural sector

Agro EDI Europe is involved in the transposition and evolution of existing normalized messages (invoices, ordres, dispatch advices, etc.). Working groups participate to the development of new messages to adapt them with specific needs of the agricultural sector, in close realtion with standardization bodies. Impacts of sectoral rules on use codification and the legal aspects are also studied on agro food applications

- repositories

In addition to normalized messages, stakeholders use structured and harmonized data: Agro EDI Europe repositories. A harmonized repository is a list of data related to a topic where each item is identified with a unique code within a community of stakeholders. About 50 technical data repositories are available for Agro EDI Europe members : list of crops, pests, diseases, weeds, crop stages, etc.

These codes (about 10 000 references) are used by all stakeholders involved in exchanges related to plot management (data plot sheet, agronomical observations). They are maintained and improved regularly on demand of our members.

The use of this codification allows each stakeholders involved in data exchange to have a common language and facilitate the integration and exploitation of data


As part of the digital tools development for the agricultural sector, Agro EDI Europe participates and manages several projects of data base implementation or common standards for traceability of agricultural products or plant protection products :


- BD Avicole

- Seafood and aquaculture products traceability

- Epiphyt

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API : A programming interface (Application Programming Interface or API) is a set of communication tools made available for computer programs. Agro EDI Europe offers to its members APIs to update automatically on repositories and their content.

VALIDATOR OF MESSAGE : A system of validation is available for members through this web site (in the member space) to test the compliance of messages they've developped with specifications of standards and normalized messages formats. It exists for the agronomical observation message and data crop sheet message.